Play It Forward

We help spread the joy of sports to kids around the world.

We collect athletic gear and connect with organizations that have the desire and ability to distribute them to kids in need worldwide.


Our unique style allows YOU to be a leader with our guiding support.


We think every child deserves to play. Every kid should have the chance to play a sport in shoes, jerseys and protective gear and to own a ball.


 Games give us the opportunity to interact with others, to build friendships, to practice skills, to feel passion, to run around and, most importantly, to laugh.


 Start a uniform, equipment or ball drive in your area and begin your effort to Play It Forward.




Need uniforms? Check out our inventory on the "Scoreboard" page or send us an email at describing your need.

Donation Requirements:

  1. Items must be gently used or new.
  2. Uniforms/Jerseys must come in sets of 8 or more.
  3. Beyond these two rules, you decide. Dontate as much or little as you want.